An informed decision about how to sell your home may mean thousands of dollars saved, tragic pitfalls avoided and restless nights eliminated.  It's a big deal, so take everything into consideration. As yourself: "Can I see myself working with this person? What's the agent's track record? What services does he/she provide?"

Many people think that all real estate salespeople provide the same services, but for different commission rates. That's just wrong. Each real estate agent develops a unique approach, offering different services, when they work with sellers. I believe that it's that list of services that should be of primary importance to you as you consider how to proceed. That's why it's important to find out exactly what your agent will do for you ... and what professional fees will be associated with that service.

In my view, the best outcomes result directly from the greatest effort. That's why I pride myself on providing comprehensive service to all my clients.

Because I work so hard for my clients, my career isn't structured around volume. I focus on clients I want to work with and I provide them with the greatest service possible. I'd love you to speak with a few of them ... I'm sure they'd agree.